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The Nature Connections program is designed to provide all children, regardless of age, a positive outdoor experience. The goal of “No Child Left Inside” is to provide an experience so powerful that it creates a lasting impression and as a result they will continue to explore and enjoy the outdoors during their lifetime.


Create opportunities for children and adults to explore the outdoors through educational, and leisure experiences. These opportunities provide hands-on experiences that allow for outdoor exploration while instilling a sense of ownership for the environment.

Utilizing teachers, trained outdoor professionals, outdoor educators, and park service staff, the program will develop and execute:

  • Outdoor based classes to meet Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE) curriculum requirements for schools.
  • Programs to introduce people to outdoor skills including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, orienteering and team building.
  • Nature and science based activities to engage and encourage children to learn.
  • Family based programs to encourage ongoing exploration.

Programs and classes can be held at individual schools, in the state parks, at Huron Clinton Metroparks, or at other locations throughout Michigan.

Please take a look at our online No Child Left Inside Brochure here.